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Aqua Lung Legend The Legend is a more affordable way to own high-performance. It's for the discriminating diver who wants performance but would rather not use a breathing control adjustment knob. Like its cousin, the Legend LX, it boasts an auto-closure device (ACD).

First Stage:
  • Auto-Closure Device (ACD) seals the regulators inlet fitting, on both yoke and DIN, when removed from the cylinder valve keeping water and contaminants out and ensuring top performance.
  • Compatible with EAN 40 new, out of the box.
Second Stage:
  • Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in superior ease-of-breathing.
  • The venturi lever is large and easy to use even with gloved hands.
  • Comes with a Comfo-bite mouthpiece, a standard spare mouthpiece and a removable mouthpiece clamp.