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    APEKS XTX200
  • Uses the proven "FSR" type first stage.
  • All medium-pressure ports are now 3/8" so that the reversible XTX second stage can mount to either side of the first stage.
  • The over-balancing feature allows the medium pressure air in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient pressure resulting in superior performance.
  • Although shipped in a standard right-hand configuration, this second stage can be reversed into a left-hand configuration by an authorized technician.
  • Features new Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) System. This system gives the diver the ability to change from a large exhaust tee to a smaller exhaust tee. The large tee provides the best exhaust bubble dispersion; the smaller tee is lighter weight and compact. The regulator comes with both sets of exhaust tees.
  • Improved exhalation performance and overall work of breathing.
  • This pneumatically balanced second stage has diver-adjustable controls for opening effort and venturi control.
  • Suitable for coldwater use.